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Killing for warmth

Jan. 25th, 2010 | 05:01 pm

The snow and wind bit at Ariella's face as she walked down the path, silently; the words of her mother ringing in her ears. If you want warmth, you must kill for it. She was looking for a proper animal, a bear, perhaps, to make her cloak from. As it was, she was in her trainee leathers, and freezing. Her pride wouldn't let her break and run into the temple, or worse, into the palace, looking for her brother's help. No, this was her task, and she'd do it, or freeze to death.

It was the way of the Mord'Sith. Rely on no one but yourself.

She had a few spare tools with her that she normally didn't; a bow with a few arrows, a knife, and a flint. She knew that her mother was probably watching her from a distance; Michael too, if he knew what she was doing. She wouldn't, couldn't look. She just moved forward, walking quietly, using sharpened senses, looking for a hibernating bear.

She closes her eyes, letting the sight fade, and relying on her ears, her nose...and changes direction. She moves quickly, head raised. She will not look down; relinquish her pride to the cold. She finds the cave she was looking for quickly, moving silently as she enters.

There's no sense in startling the bear, or torture the animal. No use expending the energy into a beast.

Its death is quick; she is experienced in hunting. Her father would be proud in her form, her mother in her function. The hardest part is figuring out how to get the bear positioned to skin it properly. It's far too heavy, even if it has lost a lot of the winter weight already; which makes the skinning process itself easier. She takes what is needed, and then walks out of the cave, dripping in blood, with a steaming skin wrapped around her shoulders. The blood mats her braid, runs rivets down her face; her eyes the only thing clean and clear about her.

She walks back to the palace, a steady mark on the white snow in blood behind her.  That doesn't matter; it allows the soldiers to find the carcass easier.

But for now, Ariella's work is nearly done.  She grins, slightly manically, but content.


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The People's Palace--Courtyard

Jan. 25th, 2010 | 01:13 am

Ariella is doing what she does when given some free time.  She's multitasking; it's something that you have to be able to do as a woman of the Rahl lineage, and as a Mord'Sith.  She's working on a new story to share with George, a carving for Michael and relaxing in the sun.  It's a beautiful day to be on the grounds...her mother had let her out early from training, and she is free to do as she chooses...and she is.

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